peace of mind, and happiness!


Welcome to Ignite Me!

That's what IgniteMe coaching is about. The tools you need are within your reach. Time management, networking, decision making, presentation skills, story telling expertise and customer profiling are all things that you can develop in a coaching relationship with IgniteMe.

Equip the professional and individual inside you to blossom into the person you dream of being...In the life and circumstances you have.

"That’s what IgniteMe is about – helping you get fired up to live better!"


Are you ready to take the next step?

Contact me and get to work on the life you have!

“Our Monday morning coffee business meeting has saved our marriage and grown our business.”

Mike and Karen H.

“Your help in setting the vision for our company and setting the goals to get there were instrumental in our start up success!”

Paul S.

“I heard about the job I was looking for from a friend, interviewed and got the job! Thanks so much! It went just like you said it would!”

Diane A.

"It's so great to come into the office and see my goal boards in front of me. They keep me positive and focused."

Jenny N.

"You were so right! 10 minutes a day makes a huge difference over the course of time. Thank you!"

Karla L.

"I’m so pumped about coaching we have done around my annual goals. It has helped me keep my eye on the ball and reach each of my goals."

Mike G.

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